Soochipara Falls Wayanad

Soochipara Falls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is a popular tourist attraction located in the Vellarimala region of Wayanad district in Kerala, India.

It is situated in the Western Ghats and is surrounded by dense forests, tea plantations, and picturesque landscapes.

Here's some information about Soochipara Falls:

Soochipara Falls Wayanad tea plantations, and picturesque landscapes

Location: Soochipara Falls is situated about 22 kilometers from the town of Kalpetta in Wayanad district, Kerala. It is located near the Meppadi village and is easily accessible by road.

Height and Scenic Beauty: The waterfall cascades from a height of around 200 meters (656 feet) and is a three-tiered waterfall. The name "Soochipara" translates to "Needle Rock," which is derived from the shape of the rocks that the waterfall flows through. The surrounding greenery, lush forests, and rocky terrains add to the scenic beauty of the area.

Trekking and Nature Walks: Soochipara Falls offers opportunities for trekking and nature walks. There is a well-defined pathway from the entrance to the waterfall that takes you through the dense forests. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the region, spot wildlife, and listen to the sounds of nature along the way.

Waterfall Bathing: Visitors are allowed to take a refreshing dip in the pool formed at the base of the falls. However, it's essential to be cautious as the rocks can be slippery. Lifeguards are present to ensure the safety of visitors.

Wildlife and Nature Conservation: The surrounding forests of Soochipara Falls are part of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The area is rich in biodiversity, and you may spot various species of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife during your visit.

Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit Soochipara Falls is during the monsoon season, from June to September, when the waterfall is at its fullest. However, it's important to note that heavy rainfall might lead to restrictions on accessing the waterfalls due to safety concerns. It is advisable to check the local weather conditions and regulations before planning your visit.

Facilities: The site has basic facilities like parking, restrooms, and food stalls that offer snacks and refreshments.

Entry Fee at Soochipara Waterfalls:

Adults : Rs 50

Students/Children : Rs 25

Foreigners : Rs 90

Still Camera : Rs 40

Timings of Soochipara Waterfalls:

Soochipara Waterfalls is open throughout the week from 08.00 h to 17.30 h.

Entry is generally closed by 17.00 h.

How To Reach

Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode, about 71 km from Kalpetta

Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport, about 105 km | Kannur International Airport, about 120 km

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