Phantom Rock Wayanad

Phantom Rock, also known as Cheengeri Mala, is a unique rock formation located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India.

It is a popular tourist attraction known for its resemblance to a skull and is named "Phantom Rock" due to its eerie appearance.

Phantom Rock is named Phantom Rock due to its eerie appearance

Here's some information about Phantom Rock:

Location: Phantom Rock is situated in Ambalavayal, a village in the Wayanad district of Kerala. It is located about 13 kilometers from Kalpetta, the district headquarters of Wayanad.

Rock Formation: Phantom Rock is a natural rock formation that stands tall amidst the surrounding greenery. The rock resembles a skull or the head of a phantom, giving it its name. The unique shape and eerie appearance make it an intriguing sight for visitors.

Trekking: Visitors can trek to Phantom Rock to get a closer look at the rock formation and enjoy the panoramic views from the top. The trek involves a moderate level of difficulty, and it is advisable to wear appropriate footwear and carry drinking water.

Scenic Surroundings: Phantom Rock is surrounded by lush green landscapes and tea plantations, adding to its natural beauty. The area around the rock offers a peaceful and serene environment, making it a great spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Photography: The distinct shape and scenic surroundings of Phantom Rock make it a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts. The play of light and shadow on the rock formation, especially during sunrise or sunset, provides opportunities for capturing stunning photographs.

Nearby Attractions: Phantom Rock is located close to other popular attractions in Wayanad. Visitors can combine their visit to Phantom Rock with a trip to nearby places such as Edakkal Caves, Karapuzha Dam, and Chembra Peak.

Accessibility: Phantom Rock is easily accessible by road from Kalpetta and other nearby towns in Wayanad. Private vehicles or hired taxis can be used to reach the location. It is advisable to check the road conditions and weather conditions before planning a visit.

Phantom Rock is a fascinating natural wonder in Wayanad that attracts visitors with its unique rock formation and scenic surroundings. It offers a memorable experience for those who appreciate nature's marvels and seek a sense of adventure.

Address: J6P3+JV6, Ambalavayal Bypass Rd, Kumbaleri, Kerala 673591

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